Marjorie Harvey Age, Height, Boyfriend, Family Biography & Much More

Marjorie Harvey age Age, Height, Boyfriend, Family Biography & Much More

Marjorie Harvey Biography

Marjorie Harvey is a prominent figure known for her roles as a fashionista, entrepreneur, and philanthropist. Born on October 10, 1964, she gained recognition through her marriage to comedian and TV host Steve Harvey. Marjorie has made a mark in the fashion industry, showcasing her impeccable style on social media platforms. As the founder of “The Lady Loves Couture,” a fashion and lifestyle blog, she shares her passion for luxury living. Beyond her glamorous pursuits, Marjorie is actively involved in charitable endeavors, supporting various causes. Her journey exemplifies a blend of elegance, entrepreneurship, and a commitment to making a positive impact.

General information About Famous Fashionista, Entrepreneur, Philanthropist Marjorie Harvey

Full NameMarjorie Harvey
ProfessionFashionista, Entrepreneur, Philanthropist
Date of BirthOctober 10, 1964
Current age 59 years, 7 months, 19 days
SpouseSteve Harvey

Exploring Personal Marjorie Harvey Journey

NameMarjorie Harvey
Birth NameN/A
Height 5 feet 8 inch
Weight62 KG
Eye ColorGreen
Hair ColorBlack
Date of BirthOctober 10, 1964
Present AddressN/A

Marjorie Harvey Education

Alma MaterUniversity of Memphis (discontinued)

Marjorie Harvey Favorite

Foodfried pieces of fish
Actor/ActressActor Johnny Deep 
Actress – Halle Berry
SongAdore’ by Prince
BookThe Power of Positive Thinking by Norman Vincent Peale,
Holiday DestinationsN/A

Marjorie Harvey Relationship Journey

StepsonsBroderick Harvey (born in 1991)
Steve Harvey Jr
Wynton Harvey
StepdaughtersKarli Harvey (born in 1982)
Brandi Harvey (born in 1982)

Marjorie Harvey Career Journey

  1. Introduction
  • Background of Marjorie Harvey
  • Entry into the Fashion Industry
  1. Fashion Blog Era (2014-2020)
  • Creation of ‘The Lady Loves Couture’
  • Coverage Areas (Fashion, Travel, Lifestyle)
  • Global Fashion Show Attendance (Paris, New York, Milan)
  1. Transition to Retail (2020-Present)
  • Closure of ‘The Lady Loves Couture’
  • Launch of ‘Marjorie Harvey’s Closet’
  • Introduction of ‘MH Handbags’
  1. Philanthropic Endeavors
  • Establishment of ‘The Steve and Marjorie Harvey Foundation (SMHF)’
  • Mission: Promoting Education
  • Scholarship Initiatives for Youth
  1. Conclusion
  • Current Focus and Ventures

Marjorie Harvey Career Statistics


  • Marjorie Bridges Woods’ Entrepreneurial Journey (2014)

Marjorie Harvey’s Closet (Fashion Store) 2.1. Establishment in 2014 2.2. Range of Offerings: Fashion and More 2.3. Collaboration with Fashion Designer Friends

Global Fashion Involvement 3.1. Regular Trips from New York to Paris and Worldwide 3.2. Attendance at Various Fashion Shows 3.3. Gathering Ideas for Unique Clothing Designs

Social Responsibility Initiatives 4.1. Interest in Social Responsibility 4.2. Contribution to Social Causes 4.3. The Steve and Marjorie Harvey Foundation

Financial Support through Fashion Store 5.1. Proceeds from Marjorie Harvey’s Closet 5.2. Channeling Funds to The Steve and Marjorie Harvey Foundation


  • Integration of Fashion, Entrepreneurship, and Social Responsibility
  • Overall Impact and Achievements

Marjorie Harvey Income

Certainly! Here’s the information presented without the table format:


  • Marjorie Harvey: Tens of millions of dollars net worth
  • Steve Harvey: Substantial net worth

Combined Lifestyle:

  • Properties: Multiple
  • Cars: High-end
  • Vacations: Extravagant

Marjorie Harvey – Frequently Asked Question’s

Who is Marjorie Harvey’s husband?

Marjorie Harvey is married to Steve Harvey.

How many children does Marjorie Harvey have?

Marjorie Harvey has three children, and she is also a stepmother to Steve Harvey’s four children from his previous marriages.

What is Marjorie Harvey’s net worth?

Marjorie Harvey’s net worth is reported to be in the tens of millions of dollars.

Who is Marjorie Harvey’s first husband?

Marjorie Harvey’s first husband was Jim Townsend.

What is Marjorie Harvey’s fashion line called?

Marjorie Harvey has a fashion and lifestyle blog called “Lady Loves Couture.”

What is Marjorie Harvey’s nationality?

Marjorie Harvey’s nationality is American.

Does Marjorie Harvey have a clothing line?

Marjorie Harvey has not launched a clothing line, but she is known for her fashion and style blog, “Lady Loves Couture.”

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